Security Solutions for Small Valuables

Security Solutions for Small Valuables 

There are lots of times when you need to secure your small valuables, such as during a holiday, in shared accommodation or while staying in hospital.

Students’ Stash: Sterling SafeCan to the Rescue

When you’re off to university for the first time, it’s all too easy to forget about things like security! Getting to know new friends and finding your way around, it can be tough to keep track of items like keys, cards and cash. Unfortunately, thieves know this too, which is why students are one of their biggest target groups. The combination of lots of new faces and shared accommodation mean that security can be lax at the best of times. But now it’s easy to make sure nothing goes astray and no hefty insurance claims need to be made, with some clever help from Sterling. The Sterling SafeCan is the best way to hide small items in plain sight. Genuine replica cans made under licence, a SafeCan is almost impossible to tell apart from the real thing, meaning it’s the sort of thing a thief will overlook. They are perfect hidey-holes for any small valuables, such as jewellery, cash, cards or documents.

A Top Tip for Travelling

Holidays are the one part of the year that everyone looks forward to as a well-earned break – but they can be stressful at times too! The last thing anyone wants to worry about when they’re away is the security of their valuables. But thieves know that holidaymakers and tourists can make easy pickings. Often carrying spending money or valuable documents like passports, people on holiday are likely to be less security-conscious than they are at home, and may not notice a theft until it’s too late. Sterling’s SafeCans are a holiday essential for keeping important possessions safe and sound, so that no insurance claims will need to be made!

Designed for Disguise

You don’t hide much valuable stuff in the shed, but there are always things you wouldn’t want a burglar to find – especially if it’s a spare key to the house! Sheds and garages are particularly vulnerable during dark winter nights, but you can get some peace of mind with the Sterling SafeCan. The latest addition to the SafeCan collection, ideal for the colder months, is Sterling’s SafeCan De-Icer. Ideal for the garden shed or garage, it can be discreetly hidden amongst other similar looking items on a shelf for example. This is the last place a thief would look! Ideal for house or car keys and any other small valuables to be kept away from prying eyes, the De-Icer SafeCan is also perfect for hiding in the car.

Security Solutions for Hospital Stays

In the unfortunate event of having to stay in hospital, SafeCans are the perfect solution for discreetly stowing away small belongings. Having complete peace of mind will help you to relax and focus on getting well again. Prices start from as little as £3.99 and are available from all good independent hardware shops.